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Optional Query String Parameters


Any request may add a value “init” to the query string. If the value is non-zero the response will also contain initialization data including a “constant_map” which provides values for symbolic constants used by the other requests. For example, the error status values are defined in this map (see Error Status Values).


This value prevents the cookie”s server-side session timeout from resetting.

error status values:

Descriptions of API error values are delineated as follows:

Table 1: API error values

Error Codes



Invalid or missing parameter.


Internal error


Duplicate configuration already exists


No results available.


Database error


The current user does not have permissions to access this API


Results are not yet available


Session timeout


User not logged in


Service not availabl


Invalid CSRF token


Invalid input


Each API call also returns an error string containing a detailed text description of the error; each API will define the meaning of each error case.