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Juniper ATP Appliance API HTTP Request Properties

All Juniper ATP Appliance HTTP requests share the following properties:

The base URL is: https://HOST/cyadmin/api.php

A function is given as an “op” query string parameter.

Function parameters are provided via form url-encoded content in a POST request.

Response data is in JSON except where noted with each JSON response always containing the “status” field, where 0 indicates success, and negative indicates failure. If the status field is negative, another field “error_msg” is set with a string describing the error.

Authentication is either via the “SESSID” or via an API key supplied in the “Authorization” HTTP header. The “SESSID” cookie is generated using the “login” request. This cookie is set with a configurable server-side timeout. API keys are generated from the Config>User configuration page in the Central Manager Web UI.

Every successful request resets the cookie timeout to zero.

Please find the below example: