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Update Virtual Resource Assignments

You can assign resources, release previously used resources and go to resource pool management from the virtual build panel. The resource assignment section has a convenient shortcut button, Manage resource pools, that takes you to resource pool management. From there, you can monitor resource usage and create additional resource pools, as needed.

Update Virtual Resources Assignments

A red status indicator in the build panel means that resources need to be assigned. Resources may include virtual network SVI subnets for routing zones, SVI subnets for MLAG domain, SVI subnet for virtual networks, VNI Virtual Network IDs, and VTEP IPs.
  1. From the blueprint, navigate to Staged > Virtual > Virtual Networks > Build. (The build panel is on the right side.)
  2. Red status indicators mean that resources need to be assigned. Click a red status indicator, then click the Update assignments button.
  3. Select a pool from which to pull the resources, then click the Save button. The required number of resources are automatically assigned to the resource group. When the red status indicator turns green, the resource assignment has been successfully staged.

Reset Virtual Resource Group Overrides

Certain blueprint operations require resource allocations to be retained even when a device has been removed from a blueprint. For example, if you decide to reuse a device, previously allocated resources need to be re-used as well. If resources were not retained, build errors may occur because the expected resources would no longer be available to the device. To minimize build errors, resource allocations persist by default. If you know that a device won't be re-instated, you don't need to keep its resources allocated to it. Click the Reset resource group overrides button to reset the resource group and release the resources.