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Configure ztp.json with CLI

SUMMARY SSH in to the Apstra ZTP server and configure the ztp.json file.

To lessen the chance of errors, we recommend using the Apstra ZTP GUI Configurator to configure ztp.json, but you have the option of using CLI instead, as described below. You can configure ZTP configuration directly with text editors such as vi or nano.

Configure ztp.json with CLI

  1. Open a terminal and SSH into the Apstra ZTP server.
    ssh admin@<apstra-ztp-server-ip> where <apstra-ztp-server-ip> is the IP address of the Apstra ZTP server.
  2. The ZTP configuration file is on the Apstra ZTP VM in the /containers_data/tftp directory.
  3. Open the ztp.json file with a text editor, such as vi or nano.
  4. The default section includes default key-value pairs. The values defined here are applied to all devices, unless the same key is defined in more specific sections, such as for specific platforms, models, or serial numbers. More specific keys take precedence over less specific keys. See ztp.json Keys for key details.

    or this one?

  5. The platform-specific section includes configuration that's applied to each device based on its platform. For information about custom-config files, see Create Vendor-specific Custom Configuration
  6. Model-specific parameters include the following:
  7. Serial number parameters include the following: