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Apstra ZTP - Arista

Arista EOS


Apstra ZTP has limited support and known issues for virtual Arista EOS (vEOS) devices.

  • ZTP EOS upgrades are not supported on vEOS devices. EOS versions for vEOS device must match eos-versions set in ztp.json file.
  • ZTP Logging to the controller does not work for vEOS devices due to the lack of a device serial number. This will be addressed in a future version.

As part of the ZTP process, a new OS image is copied to the switch. Before installing Apstra ZTP ensure that the switch has sufficient disk space for the OS image.

Example: Arista EOS - ztp.json

Arista EOS Onbox Agent / Apstra ZTP 4.2

ztp.json File

Arista EOS Custom Config File

When configuring custom-config for Arista EOS devices, refer to the example, a bash executable file executed during the ZTP process. It can execute EOS configuration commands to set the SSH login banner or other system configuration to be set prior to device system agent installation.


During the ZTP process, the EOS banner login is set to text saying "The device is in Zero Touch Provisioning mode ...". By default, the ZTP script copies this to the permanent configuration.

To prevent this, you must configure the custom-config pointing to a script ( for example), which configures a different banner login or configure no banner login.

There must be a space after any \n.

Restart Arista EOS ZTP


If an agent is already installed on the device, before you restart the device ZTP process, remove the agent extension either via the UI Device Agent Installer or manually via the device CLI.

See Arista Device Agents for more information.

To restart Arista EOS ZTP process: