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Assign Resources to Routing Zone

Each leaf network device in each routing zone requires a loopback IP. If IPv6 is enabled on the blueprint, you must also assign IPv6 addresses to the routing zone. After you've assigned connectivity templates to your external generic systems, you'll also need to assign IP addresses.

  1. From the blueprint, navigate to Staged > Virtual > Routing Zones.
  2. Red status indicators in the Build panel (on the right) indicate that resources need to be assigned. Click a red indicator and click the Update assignments button. (The screenshot below is for Apstra version 4.2.1. Some menu tabs have been renamed, moved, and/or added since Apstra version 4.2.0. Apstra version 4.2.1 adds a column in the table for Routing Policy Name that you can link to directly; and you can select which columns to show in the table.
  3. Select a pool from which to pull the resources, then click the Save button. (For information about IP address pools, see IP Pools.) When the red status indicator turns green, the required resources are successfully assigned.
  4. Repeat the steps to assign resources from pools until all required resources have been assigned.

    You can also assign individual IP addresses to links by clicking the name of the routing zone in the table view, scrolling down to the Interfaces section, clicking the Edit IP addresses button, and entering them from there.