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Generate Analytics Reports


This feature is classified as a Juniper Apstra Technology Preview feature. Preview features are "as is" and are for voluntary use. Juniper Support will attempt to resolve any issues that customers experience when using these features and create bug reports on behalf of support cases. However, Juniper may not provide comprehensive support services to Tech Preview features.

For additional information, refer to the Juniper Apstra Technology Previews page or contact Juniper Support.

In the Apstra GUI, you can generate three types of analytics reports for your blueprint. These reports are based on historical data gathered by Apstra.

Apstra supports the following predefined reports:

  • Device Health: Analyzes the health of the device, including Inventory overview, memory usage analysis, and CPU analysis.

  • Optical XCVR: Analyzes optical transceivers telemetry patterns and trends.

  • Traffic: Analyzes device traffic patterns and trends.

Each report is dependent on data collected from the predefined probes. You must enable the required probes to generate a report.

To generate a predefined report:

  1. From your blueprint, navigate to Analytics > Reports.
  2. Verify that the probes are enabled for the report you want to generate. By default, all probes are enabled. A green check box means that the probe is enabled. In not, click the name of the probe to enable it.
  3. Click the Generate Report button in the Actions panel.
    Specify the parameters for your report.
    • Time interval:

      <<need description>>
    • Aggregation interval:

      The aggregation interval allows you to specify the interval or frequency that data is returned. If no interval is defined, the data is returned in the default aggregation interval (or frequency). The longer the date range, the bigger the aggregation interval. The default is 1 hour.

  4. Click Generate to generate the report and return to the table view.