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Fetch LLDP Data (Freeform)

If you've already cabled up your devices, you can have Apstra discover your existing cabling instead of using the cabling map prescribed by Apstra. All system nodes in the blueprint must have system IDs assigned to them.


This is a disruptive operation. All links can potentially be renumbered.

  1. From the blueprint, navigate to Staged > Physical > Links and click the Fetch discovered LLDP data button (second of two buttons above links list).
  2. If staged data is identical to LLDP discovery results, you will see a message with that statement. Your actual cabling matches the Apstra cabling map. No further action is needed.
  3. If staged data is different from LLDP discovery results, the message includes the number of links that are different.
  4. Scroll to see details of the diffs (in red), or check the Show only links with LLDP diff? check box to see only the differences.
  5. To accept the changes and update the map to match LLDP data, click Update Stated Cabling Map from LLDP.