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Drain Device Traffic

To take a device out-of-service for maintenance (or decommissioning), set its deploy mode to Drain. Draining a device may impact neighboring devices. For details, see Device Configuration Lifecycle.

  1. From the blueprint, navigate to Staged > Physical > Build > Devices and change the deploy mode on the device to Drain.
  2. Click Uncommitted to review staged changes. The Logical Diff tab shows the changes that will be made to the device, and possibly to its neighbors.
  3. Commit staged changes to activate them. While draining is in progress (which could take some time, especially for EVPN blueprints) BGP anomalies are expected. You can monitor draining progress from various locations in the Apstra GUI. When drain configuration is complete, the temporary anomalies are resolved.
    • You can monitor drain status from the Deployment Status section of the blueprint dashboard (Drain Config).
    • You can monitor drain status from Active > Physical in the Status panel (Deployment Status: Drain).
    • If you instantiate the predefined Drain Validation dashboard, you can monitor drain status from Analytics > Dashboards. (If you set the dashboard as default, you can see it on the blueprint dashboard as well as on the analytics dashboard). In the image below, traffic is in the process of draining.

After performing device maintenance, change the deploy mode back to Deploy and commit the change to bring the device back into active service.