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Topology View (Active)

From the blueprint, navigate to Active > Physical > Topology. (The screenshot below is for Apstra version 4.2.1. Some menu tabs have been renamed, moved, and/or added since Apstra version 4.2.0.)

  • To make topology elements larger, click the Expand Nodes check box.
  • To show the links between elements, click the Show Links check box.
  • To show node name, hostname, role, and tags as applicable, hover over an element.
  • To display a different label (name, hostname, S/N), select a different label from the Topology Label drop-down list.
  • To show rack details, select a rack by either clicking its element or by selecting it from the Selected Rack drop-down list.
  • To show node details, select the node by either clicking its element in the topology or by selecting it from the Selected Node drop-down list.