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Generate a Support Bundle

The support bundle allows you to generate a compressed tarball containing relevant data (logs, configs, and metric data) for troubleshooting or analysis. If needed, you can send these bundled files to your Apstra support team to help diagnose issues with the collector.

To use the support bundle command line tool, run the flowcoll command with the --support-bundle or -s flag as shown in the following examples:

Basic Example

Advanced Example

When the command runs successfully, the tool generates a compressed tarball in the directory /home named similarly to ef_support_bundle-20230831T164759.tar.gz.

Command Line Options

If you do not specify an option, its specified default value is used as shown in the following table:

Table 1: CLI Default Options



Default Value


support-bundle -s false Enables support bundle mode.
support-bundle-config-dir -sc /etc/flowcoll The path to the collector's configuration directory.
--support-bundle-logs-dir -sl /var/log/flowcoll The path to the collector's log directory.
--support-bundle-metrics-interval -si 1000 The interval, in milliseconds, that metrics are collected.
--support-bundle-metrics-times -st 1 The number of times metrics are collected.
--support-bundle-output -so <Working directory> The path where the output file is written to.

Adjusting the collection interval ( -si) and times (st), makes it easier to track and spot trends in metrics over time.

Generate Support Bundle By Endpoint

You can generate a support bundle by using the following methods:

  • HTTP Method: POST

  • URL: /support-bundle

Request Body

All fields in the request boy are optional. The defaults are used if none are specified.

  • logDirPath (string): Directory path of the log files. The default path is: /var/log/juniper/flowcoll

  • configDirPath (string): Directory path of the configuration file. The default path is: /etc/juniper

Query Parameters

  • Interval (integer): Interval at which the metrics are fetched ( in milliseconds).The default interval is: 1000 milliseconds.

  • times (integer): The number of times the metrics endpoint is fetched. The default is 1.

Authentication: This endpoint supports basic authentication only if the collector is specifically configured for it. For configuration details, see the API options under the Common Options section.

Examples of Support Bundles by Endpoint

Basic Example

Using the default settings, the following example shows a basic example without any query parameters or request body.

Advanced Example

The following example shows an advanced curl request that includes the request body and query parameters.


Table 2 shows the codes and responses you might see when you generate a support bundle by endpoint.

Table 2: Support Bundle Code and Responses
Code Reason Description



A successful response returns the support bundle file for download. The file has the following naming convention:

ef_support_bundle-YYYYMMDDTHHmmss.tar.gz, where YYYYMMDDTHHmmss is a timestamp that indicates the time the bundle was created.


Bad request

Indicates that the query parameters are invalid.


Internal Server Error

An internal server error occurred while processing the request.