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Install Apstra on Hyper-V

These instructions are for installing Apstra software on a Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor. For information about using Hyper-V in general, refer to Microsoft's Hyper-V documentation.

  1. Confirm that you're running one of the Supported Hypervisors and Versions and that the VM has the Required Server Resources.
  2. Apstra software is delivered pre-installed on a single VM. The same Apstra VM image is used for installing both the Apstra controller and Apstra workers. As a registered support user, download the Apstra VM VHDX Image for Microsoft Hyper-V from Juniper Support Downloads.
  3. Uncompress the disk image and move it to where it will run.
  4. Start Hyper-V Manager, select the server for the VM and navigate to Actions > New > Virtual Machine. The New Virtual Machine Wizard opens.
  5. Specify a VM name and location, then click Next.
  6. Specify Generation 1, then click Next.
  7. Specify required memory based on your environment, then click Next.
  8. Configure the virtual switch as required for your deployment environment, then click Next.
  9. Select Use an existing virtual hard disk and browse to the extracted file, then click Finish.
  10. Click Settings (right panel), click Processor (left panel), specify the number of virtual processors based on required VM resources, then click OK.

You're ready to Configure the Apstra server. (When the Apstra server is configured, the Docker daemon runs properly.)