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Qualified Devices and NOS

Recommended qualified NOS versions and device (series) are listed below. Other versions in the same code train that contain only bug fixes are also expected to work. This is usually indicated with version numbers that differ only by the last digit; however, this is not strictly guaranteed by the NOS vendors.

If you plan to use a device or NOS version close to the qualified ones but not listed, it is highly recommended that you review the NOS release notes to ensure no backward incompatible or breaking changes are listed. We strongly advise testing the new version thoroughly in a staging environment before deploying it to production.

To request consideration for qualification for a release train not listed, contact your Juniper Apstra Sales representative.

Only Bug Fix NOS versions Examples:

  • Junos and Junos Evolved

    • 20.2R2-S1 > 20.2R2-S3.5 (reason: only service release number change)

    • 20.2R2 > 20.2R3 (reason: R2 > R3 expected to contain only bugfixes)

  • Arista EOS

    • 4.25.4M > 4.25.5M (reason: same code train, last digit change and M indicates Maintenance release)

  • Cisco NXOS

    • 10.2(9)M > 10.2(10)M (reason: same code train, last digit change and M indicates Maintenance release)

Non-Bug Fix Examples:

  • Junos and Junos Evolved

    • 20.2R1 > 20.2R2 (reason: R1 > R2 can have new features + bugfixes)

    • 20.2R2 > 20.4R2 (reason: different release trains)

  • Arista EOS

    • 4.25.4M > 4.26.5M (reason: different release trains)

  • Cisco NXOS

    • 10.2(1)F > 10.2(3)F (reason: multiple last digit change, F indicates Feature release)

Apstra Release 4.1.2

Device Operating System Qualified NOS Versions Supported Device (Series)
Juniper Junos OS
  • 22.2R3

  • 21.4R3

  • 21.2R3-S2

  • 20.4R3-S3

  • QFX5100 - Don’t use as leaf with Layer 3 VNI

  • QFX5110 - Can't be used as a border leaf. It can't route between VXLAN IRB and L3 interface.

  • QFX5120

  • QFX5200

  • QFX5210

  • QFX10002

  • QFX10008

  • QFX10016

  • EX4650-48Y

  • EX4400-24MP

  • EX4400-24T

  • EX4400-48F

  • EX4400-48MP

  • EX4400-48T

Juniper Junos OS Evolved
  • IP Forwarder

    • 22.2R2-EVO

    • 22.2R2-EVO

    • 21.4R3-EVO

    • 21.2R3-EVO

    • 20.4R3-S3-EVO


    • 22.2R2-EVO

  • QFX5700 chassis (5RU, 8-slots, 3 line card types)

  • QFX5220

  • QFX5130

  • PTX10001-36MR

  • PTX10004 chassis (7RU, 4-slots)

  • PTX10008 chassis (13RU, 8-slots)

  • PTX10016 chassis (21RU, 16-slots)

  • ACX7100-32C

  • ACX7100-48L

Enterprise SONiC
  • SONiC-OS-4.0.5-GA-Enterprise-Advanced

  • SONiC-OS-4.0.5-GA-Enterprise-Base

  • SONiC-OS-3.5.4-GA-Enterprise-Advanced

  • SONiC-OS-3.5.4-GA-Enterprise-Base

  • Dell Z9432F-ON (spine role)

  • Dell Z9332F-ON

  • Dell Z9264F-ON

  • Dell Z9100-ON

  • Dell S5296F-ON

  • Dell S5248F-ON

  • Dell S5232F-ON

  • Dell S5212F-ON

  • Dell N3248T

  • Edgecore/Accton AS7816-64X

  • Edgecore/Accton AS7726-32X

  • Edgecore/Accton S7712-32X

  • Edgecore/Accton AS7326-56X

  • Edgecore/Accton AS5712-54X

Cisco NX-OS
  • 10.1(2)

  • 9.3(10)

  • 9.3(8)

Nexus 3000 or 9000 Platform
Arista EOS
  • 4.27.6M

  • 4.27.4M


  • 4.24.5M

DCS-7000 Series