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Launch the Flow Data Dashboard

Congratulations! You successfully installed and configured Apstra Flow Data on your network. Now you're ready to login to the Flow Data dashboard to begin analyzing and visualizing your data.

You can also access the Flow Data dashboard directly from your blueprint in the Apstra GUI. See Access the Flow Data Dashboard from the Apstra GUI for instructions.

To launch the Flow Data dashboard:
  1. From your browser, enter the IP address or hostname of your Flow Data VM.
  2. Login to the Flow Data dashboard.
    The default credentials are:
    • Username: admin

    • Password: Apstra-Flow5


    We recommend that you change your password after you log in.

  3. From the Welcome page, select Explore on my own.
  4. From the OpenSearch Dashboards page, click Dismiss.
  5. Select Global as your tenant, then click Confirm.
  6. Click Visualize and Analyze.
  7. Click Dashboard from the OpenSearch Dashboards page.
  8. Search for Overview in the Dashboards search bar.
  9. Select Flow: Overview to see the main dashboard. From here, you can view the various dashboards to analyze and to visualize your data. Each dashboard shows a different perspective of your network traffic. For example:

Access the Flow Data Dashboard from the Apstra GUI

Although Apstra Flow Data has its own dashboard, you can also link directly to the dashboard from the Apstra GUI.
To access the Flow Data dashboard from the GUI:
  1. From the left navigation menu, select Analytics > Flow Data > Flow Collectors.
  2. From the Flow Collectors page, click Create Flow Collector.
  3. Enter the flow collector name, address, username, and password, then click Create.
    This information tells Apstra where your VM is located so you can access the flow collector and visualization dashboards.
  4. Go back to your blueprint and click the Analytics link.
  5. Select Analytics > Flow Data.
  6. Under the Flow Dashboard column, click Link to dashboard.
    This link takes you to the Flow Data dashboards that you can use to manage your network. For an overview of the dashboards, see the Flow Data Dashboards.
For more details about Apstra Flow Data, see the Analytics chapter in the Juniper Apstra User Guide.