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Pre-Agent Install

Factory Default Config

The Factory Default config is the configuration on the device when it boots for the first time after being removed from the original shipping container (before you connected it to the network). All of this config's settings are the default settings from the vendor for the installed OS version.

User-Required Config

Operators must configure devices before they are available for configuration by Juniper Apstra. This can be accomplished with the following methods:

  • ZTP automated boot script
  • Manual configuration via console port

You can user either method, but an IP address must be added to the Ethernet management port before the Apstra agent is installed. Admins typically set the following options before proceeding:

  • Management IP Address
  • Management Default Gateway
  • Change default username/password (optional for some platforms)
  • Add trusted keys to device for remote access (optional)
  • Add trusted IPs or subnets for remote access (optional)
  • Disable services according to security requirements (optional)

After this is completed, the admin initiates the Apstra Device Agent installation either via the Apstra Server or through the previous ZTP boot script.