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Edit Generic System Name

Edit Generic System Name (from Nodes View)

You can edit multiple server names and hostnames at the same time, fetch discovered LLDP data (hostnames), and update names based on hostnames, all from the same dialog.

  1. From the blueprint, navigate to Staged > Physical > Nodes and click the Edit generic system names and hostnames button (second of three buttons above the nodes view). (In versions prior to 4.1.2 the button was called Edit server names and hostnames.)
  2. Make your changes.
    • To change names, select a name and enter a different unique one.
    • To fetch discovered LLDP data (hostnames), click its button.
    • To update the names based on hostnames, click its button.
  3. Click Update to stage the changes and return to the nodes view.

Any associated link names do not automatically update to match the changed server names and/or hostnames. You can manually change the link names to match so when you are reviewing an updated cabling map the names align.