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Export Rack Type

If you can't make certain changes directly in the blueprint rack, you can export the rack type to the global catalog and update it there.

  1. From the blueprint, navigate to Staged > Physical > Racks and click the Export rack to global catalog button (first of three buttons).

    If the rack type is inconsistent with the same-named one in the global (design) catalog, you won't be able to export the rack type. Rack types are embedded in blueprints from the global catalog. When you use Flexible Fabric Expansion (FFE) operations (for example to change link speeds, add generic systems or add/remove links) the blueprint rack type is modified. The rack type name in the global catalog and the blueprint are still the same, but their contents are now different from each other. When rack types are inconsistent, you can create a rack type in the global catalog that meets your new requirements.

  2. Enter a unique Rack Type name.
  3. Click Export to export the rack type to the global catalog.

Next Steps: From the left navigation menu, navigate to Design > Rack Types and edit the rack type in the global catalog. (Or, if you couldn't export the rack type, create one that meets your new requirements.) Then from the blueprint, Update the rack to use the revised (or new) rack type from the global catalog.