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Delete Rack

Before deleting a rack that has live traffic on it, you may want to take its devices out-of-service by draining them. For information, see Drain Device Traffic.

  1. To delete a rack from the blueprint, navigate to Staged > Physical > Racks and click the Delete button for the rack to delete (third of three buttons).
    • If you will be adding a rack back into your system, leave the Keep existing cabling in the fabric after change box checked.
    • If you will not be replacing the rack in your system, uncheck the Keep existing cabling in the fabric after change box. Otherwise, the intent will not match the actual topology anymore, and you will encounter anomalies, such as for cabling and BGP.
  2. Click Delete Rack to stage the deletion and return to the table view.
  3. Commit the changes to the blueprint. Configuration on any running devices will be erased and the devices will be ready to be decommissioned.