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Add Rack

The easiest and fastest way to expand your network is to add a rack.

  1. From the blueprint, navigate to Staged > Physical > Racks and click the Add Racks button (+).
  2. If your blueprint is for a 5-stage topology, select the pod that needs a rack.
  3. From the Rack Type drop-down list, select a rack type to preview and validate. (To go to a different preview, select a different rack type.)
  4. Enter the number of racks to add.
  5. If you uncheck Keep existing cabling in the fabric after change, port assignments are re-calculated and you may need to re-cable. When in doubt, leave this box checked.
  6. Click Add to stage the rack addition and return to the table view.
  7. Assign device profiles and system IDs (serial numbers) to the new rack(s).
  8. Commit the changes to your blueprint to configure the rack(s) and complete the fabric expansion.

Next Steps:

To assign virtual networks to your new rack, see Assign / Unassign Virtual Networks. As of Apstra version 4.1.2 you can assign many VNs at the same time to one or more nodes.