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Edit Plane

You can add superspines per plane and you can change superspine logical devicess on a plane (as of Apstra version 4.1.0). Changing the logical device enables you to add superspine ports capacity. This change is for all planes (not per plane) which could be disruptive based on the change. Changing the logical device requires that you specify a different interface map, and possibly a new device profile.
  1. From the 5-stage blueprint, navigate to Staged > Physical > Planes and click the Change number of superspines per plane button.
  2. Edit the plane, as applicable, in the dialog that opens:
    • Increase the number of Superspines per plane. Plan carefully. You won't be able to decrease the number at a later stage.
    • To increase/update superspine port capacity, change the Superspine Logical Device. This updates the superspine for all planes. (New in Apstra version 4.1.0.) Based on the change, this could be disruptive. Also, you might need to specify a new device profile and interface map.
  3. Click Update to stage your changes and return to the Planes view.

Stage the superspine, then when you're ready to activate your changes, commit them from the Uncommitted tab.