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Assign Config Template

In Apstra version 4.1.2, only internal systems with deploy mode set to Deploy require an assigned config template. In versions 4.1.0 and 4.1.1, ALL internal systems require an assigned config template regardless of deploy mode.

If you haven't created your config templates yet, do that now.

  1. From the blueprint, navigate to Staged > Physical > Systems to go to the Systems view.
  2. Select the check boxes for the system(s) where you want to add a config template.
  3. Click the Update Config Template Assignments button that appears above the list after selecting system(s).
  4. In the Update Config Template Assignments dialog, leave the default Override Assignment selected to add or replace a template.
  5. Select a config template from the drop-down list. You can preview the template text. Each internal system is assigned only one config template (but that config template could nest other config templates within it.)
  6. Click Assign Config Template to stage the changes and return to the Systems view.

Next Steps:

When you've assigned all required config templates and all other requirements are met, you can deploy your blueprint from the Uncommitted tab.