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Reset Apstra Server VM Password

If you lose your admin password for the Apstra server VM, and you still have console access to the Apstra server VM, you can reset your password.

  1. Attach to the Apstra server console and send a "reset" signal to the VM. To access the GRUB menu, immediately press the esc or shift key in the console on reboot.
  2. Select Advanced options for Ubuntu.
  3. Enter username admin and password apstra.
  4. At the next GRUB menu, select the first (recovery mode) option.
  5. From the Recovery Menu, select root, then press Enter to enter a root shell prompt.
  6. At the root shell prompt run the command mount -o rw,remount /.
  7. Run the command passwd admin to reset the default CLI password for admin.
  8. Run the command sync.
  9. Run the command reboot to reboot the Apstra server VM. (Your deployed fabric is not affected.)
After reboot, you can log in to the Apstra server VM Linux CLI as user admin with the new password.