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Migrate Apstra Database


If you bring up a new Apstra server with the same IP address as your old Apstra server without any configuration, when the device agents re-register with the new Apstra server they will revert to an unconfigured "Quarantined" state. You must isolate the new Apstra server from the network while you change its IP address, restore the database and restart the Apstra server.

If you want to maintain the same IP address on the new Apstra server, then bring up a new Apstra server VM (with the same version as the original Apstra server) with a temporary IP address. After migrating an aos_backup to the new Apstra server, the original Apstra server will be shut down and the IP address will be changed to the original IP address on the new server. We recommend this process if you're using onbox device system agents.

If you want to use a new IP address on the new Apstra server, you must manually reconfigure the aos.conf file for each onbox device system agent. This is not required for offbox device system agents.

To migrate an active instance from one server to another:

  1. Run the command sudo aos_backup to back up the original Apstra server.
  2. Copy the snapshot to the new server using a temporary IP address on the new Apstra server.
  3. Compress and move the snapshot directory to the new Apstra server. This example uses the scp command to copy the file to the new Apstra server using a different IP address.
  4. After the snapshot has been removed from the old Apstra server, stop service (or completely shut down the Apstra server VM) to disconnect the old Apstra server.
  5. If you want to use the same IP address, you must manually reconfigure the eth0 interface on the new Apstra server to the IP address of the old Apstra server. For more information, see the Configuration section of the Juniper Apstra Installation and Upgrade guide.
  6. On the new Apstra server, uncompress the tar.gz file.
  7. Run the command aos_restore to restore the database on the new Apstra server. This command automatically starts the service after restoring the database.
  8. Run the command service aos status and verify that the Apstra server is running.
  9. From the Apstra GUI, from the left navigation menu, navigate to Devices > Managed Devices to verify that your devices are online in the "Active" state.