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Back up Apstra Database

You can back up the database while the Apstra server is running. Device/OS image information is not included in backups. When restoring a database, any device/OS image information is discarded.
Disable any active IBA probes and wait until any database "write" tasks have completed before backing up your database.
  1. Run the command aos_backup to back up the database. Backups are saved as dated snapshots (/var/lib/aos/snapshot/<date>/ in the Apstra server.

    If all IBA probes have been disabled and all "write" tasks have completed, the following message appears.

    If many IBA probes are enabled or if any other database "write" tasks are in progress, they may not be included in the backup, and the following message appears.

    If this message appears, disable your IBA probes and run the aos_backup command again.

  2. Backups are stored on the Apstra server itself. If the server needs to be restored or if its disk image becomes corrupt, any backups/restores are lost along with the Apstra server. We recommend that you periodically move backups/restores off of the Apstra server to a secure location. Also, if you've scheduled cron jobs to periodically backup the database, make sure to rotate those files off of the Apstra server to keep the Apstra server VM disk from becoming full. Copy the contents of the snapshot directory to your backup infrastructure.