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Telemetry Streaming

The Apstra server transmits the following content to user-defined end-hosts for further processing of data and for use within your own internal systems:

Data Type Description
Counter Data Performance Monitoring (PM) data is time-series numerical values such as interface counters, CPU memory utilization, and CPU usage. This information is typically stored and graphed for visual analysis. Typical tools used for this purpose include Graphite and Cacti.
Event Data Event data is a collection of status information that you may need to refer back for troubleshooting your network. syslog is the best reference for example event. You need a general amount of event history so that you can perform troubleshooting activities over a period of time. While this is an undefined amount of time, you generally want as much time as possible, because you don't get to troubleshoot a problem the instant that it occurs.
Alert Data Alert data is a collection of information that requires your attention to resolve an issue. In the best cases, alerts tell you what is wrong relative to the network service, and provide the necessary data to allow you to identify root-cause and resolve the issue as fast as possible.

Data streams are implemented with Google Protocol Buffers (GPB). GPBs define and implement the format of data streams. GPBs allow software developers to use a language-agnostic definition of events and data types.

GPB offers support for C++, Python, Go, and possibly more languages in the future. Example Python code named AOSOM Streaming is available for GPBs . The AOSOM Streaming demo software is open source and you can download it from github:

Developers have various language options : C++, Python, Go. This means it integrates nicely with our C++ infrastructure. And then Infrastructure Engineers can use Python or Go for the client.