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Tags (Freeform Blueprint)

You can add tags to systems, then later when you want to find systems you can use the Find by Tags feature to find them.

You can include Tags in config templates. Systems/links with those tags will be rendered as specified in the config template. For example, if you have bare metal servers with SRIOV interfaces, and you need to produce specific configuration for those interfaces, you can add the tag sriov, then specify that links with that tag to be configured per the config template.

Tags are a way for you to assign metadata to Apstra-managed resources. Tags can help you identify, organize, search for, and filter Apstra systems and links. With tags, you can categorize resources by purpose, owner, environment, or other criteria. Because tags are metadata, they are not just used for visual labeling; they are also applied as properties of nodes in the Apstra graph database. This node property (or device property) is then available for you to reference in Jinja for dynamic variables in config generation and the Apstra real-time analytics via Apstra's Live Qurey technology and Apstra Intent-Based Analytics.

Here is an example of using the tag firewall in a config template to render a specific description.