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Provider Role Map Overview

After configuring an RBAC provider, you must map the provider to one or more user roles to give access permissions to users with those roles. You can create, edit and delete provider role mappings, as needed. Other details to be aware of include the following:

  • Only one provider can be active at a time.
  • You can map more than one Apstra role to the same provider group (new in version 4.0).
  • When the same username exists both locally and in the RBAC provider, the local user is used to authenticate login attempts.
  • Changing users with the web-based RBAC feature does not modify accounts on the Apstra server VM. To change these credentials, use standard Linux CLI commands: "useradd", "usermod", "userdel", "passwd".

From the left navigation menu, navigate to External Systems > Providers > Provider Role Mapping to go to provider role mapping.