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VXLAN Flood List Validation Probe

The VXLAN flood list validation probe validates the VXLAN flood list entries on every leaf in the network. It collects appropriate telemetry data, compares it to the set of flood list forwarding entries expected to be present and alerts if expected entries are missing on any device.

You can configure the following parameters:

  • Probe Label: Name to identify the probe.
  • Anomaly Time Window : Average period duration for interface counters.
  • Anomaly Threshold (in %): If routes are missing for more than or equal to percentage of Anomaly Time Window, an anomaly is raised. If Anomaly Time Window ATW, and Anomaly Threshold is AT. It calculates Z = (ATW * AT)/100 in seconds. E.g. If ATW = 20 seconds, AT = 5%, then Z = (20 * 5)/100 = 1 second. When the route is in Missing state for Z seconds from total ATW duration, anomaly is raised.
  • Collection period: All these probes are polling-based so they have a polling period.

The route labels include the following:

  • Expected: This route is expected on the device as per service defined.
  • Missing: This route is missing on the device when compared to the expected route set.
  • Unexpected: There are no expectations rendered (by AOS) for this route.

Auto-enabling the EVPN VXLAN Route Summary analytics dashboard enables the EVPN VXLAN Type-3 Route Validation and EVPN Flood List Validation probes automatically (but not the EVPN VXLAN Type-5 Route Validation probe). See Configuring Auto-Enabled Dashboards<configure_dashboard> for information about enabling the dashboard.

For more information about this probe, from the blueprint, navigate to Analytics > Probes, click Create Probe, then select Instantiate Predefined Probe from the drop-down list. Select the probe from the Predefined Probe drop-down list to see details specific to the probe.