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Hypervisor MTU Mismatch Probe (Virtual Infra NSX-T Only)


NSX-T Only - Detect maximum transmission unit (MTU) value deviations across hypervisor physical network adapters (pnics).

Source Processor
Interface MTU (generic graph collector)

output stage: Interface MTU (number set) (generated from graph)

Additional Processor(s)
Check MTU mismatch between hypervisors (standard deviation)

input stage: Interface MTU

output stage: Hypervisor MTU Deviation (number set)

MTU Mismatch (range)

input stage: Hypervisor MTU Deviation (number set)

output stage: MTU Mismatch (discrete state set)

Example Usage

NSX Integration - If validation fails between NSX-T nodes and the controller in terms of mismatch of minimum configured MTU to support Geneve encapsulation or if the VLANs defined on NSX-T nodes are not configured on ToR leaf interfaces connecting an NSX node to the fabric, then anomalies are raised.

For more information about this probe, from the blueprint, navigate to Analytics > Probes, click Create Probe, then select Instantiate Predefined Probe from the drop-down list. Select the probe from the Predefined Probe drop-down list to see details specific to the probe.