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Apstra Server Upgrade

You can upgrade the Apstra server either on a new VM (recommended) or on the same VM as the current version. See the following table for the general workflow and the sections below for details.

Table 1: Apstra Upgrade Workflow
Stage Description
Pre-Upgrade Validation
  • Verify upgrade path is supported
  • Verify sufficient VM memory for new version
  • Review blueprints and address issues
  • Verify device OS versions are supported
  • Remove any device AAA configuration
  • Remove any configlets used to configure firewalls
  • Back up current Apstra environment
Upgrade Apstra Server
  • Download Apstra VM image
  • Install software on controller VM (Check configlets for conflicts.)
  • Install software on worker VMs (Apstra Cluster VM-VM only)
  • Verify connections to new server
  • Import SysDB database (VM-VM only)
  • Log into new server
  • Change operation mode to normal
Upgrade Agents
  • From the Apstra GUI
Upgrade Worker Nodes (Apstra Cluster only)
  • If re-using VMs for worker nodes - import state
  • If using new VMs for worker nodes - install software on worker VM(s)