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Step 3: Keep Going

Congratulations! You’ve designed, built, and deployed your physical network with Apstra software. Here are some things you can do next:

What's Next?

If you want to Then
Replace the SSL certificate with a secure one See the Juniper Apstra Installation and Upgrade Guide

Configure user access with user profiles and roles

See the User/Role Management section in the Juniper Apstra User Guide

Build your virtual environment with virtual networks and routing zones

See the Virtual Networks section in the Juniper Apstra User Guide

Learn about Apstra telemetry services and how you can extend them See the Telemetry section in the Juniper Apstra User Guide

Learn how to leverage Intent-Based Analytics (IBA) with apstra-cli

See Intent-Based Analytics with apstra-cli Utility in the Juniper Apstra User Guide

General Information

If you want to Then
See all Juniper Apstra documentation Visit Juniper Apstra documentation

Stay up-to-date about new and changed features and known and resolved issues in Apstra 4.1.1

See release notes.

Learn With Videos

Our video library continues to grow! We’ve created many videos that demonstrate how to do everything from install your hardware to configure advanced network features. Here are some great video and training resources that will help you expand your knowledge of Apstra and other Juniper products.

If you want to Then
Watch short demos to learn how to use Juniper Apstra to automate and validate the design, deployment, and operation of data center networks, from Day 0 through Day 2+. See Juniper Apstra Demos and Juniper Apstra Data Center videos on Juniper Networks Product Innovation YouTube page

Get short and concise tips and instructions that provide quick answers, clarity, and insight into specific features and functions of Juniper technologies

See Learning with Juniper on Juniper Networks main YouTube page

View a list of the many free technical trainings we offer at Juniper

Visit the Getting Started page on the Juniper Learning Portal