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Configure Apstra Docker Subnets

The Apstra server Docker containers require one network for internal connectivity, which is automatically configured with the following subnets:

  • docker0: inet
  • Apstra same VM (in-place) upgrade docker network: inet

If you need to use these subnets elsewhere, to avoid conflicts, change the Docker network as follows:


Update bip with the new subnet. If the /etc/docker/daemon.json file doesn't already exist, create one with the following format (Replace in the example below with your own subnet.):

Docker Network and Apstra Upgrades

If you're upgrading your Apstra server on the same VM that's it currently on, the Apstra upgrade creates an additional Docker network. By default in Docker, this network is If you're using this subnet elsewhere on your network, the Apstra upgrade could fail.

To use a different subnet, create or edit the /etc/docker/daemon.json file with the following format (Replace in the example with your own subnet).