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Apstra ZTP - Cumulus

Cumulus Linux


Apstra ZTP has limited support for virtual Cumulus VX (CVX) devices.

  • ZTP Cumulus Linux upgrades are not supported on CVX devices. Cumulus Linux versions for CVX device must match cumulus-versions set in ztp.json file.
  • ZTP Logging to the controller does not work for CVX devices due to an unsupported device serial number (MAC address). This will be addressed in a future version.

As part of the ZTP process a new OS image is copied to the switch. Before installing Apstra ZTP ensure that the switch has sufficient disk space for the OS image.

If ZTP is installing Cumulus Linux image, copy the image (for example cumulus-linux-3.7.12-bcm-amd64.bin) to the /containers_data/tftp directory. Modify the file permissions to allow for download via tftp or http, for example:


If you're using ONIE to install Cumulus Linux on a device, you must copy the image to the /containers_data/tftp directory and rename it to onie-installer or another ONIE download name (onie-installer-x86_64-dell_s3000_c2338-r0 for example). When rebooting in ONIE, the device searches for this file on the TFTP server. If the file is not found, ZTP fails.

Example: Cumulus Linux ztp.json

Cumulus Linux On-box Agent / Apstra ZTP 4.0

Cumulus Linux Custom Config File

When configuring custom-config for Cumulus Linux devices, refer to the example, a bash executable file executed during the ZTP process. It can set the SSH login banner or other system configuration to be set prior to device system agent installation.

Restart Cumulus Linux ZTP


If an agent is already installed on the device, before you restart the device ZTP process remove the agent either via the UI device agent installer or manually via the device CLI.

See Cumulus Device Agents for more information.

To restart the ONIE install and Cumulus Linux ZTP process:

To just do the Cumulus Linux ZTP process:

Troubleshoot Cumulus Linux ZTP

When in ZTP mode, the switch downloads the, ztp.json, OS image and license files to the /mnt/persist directory. For diagonstics, take note of the /mnt/persist/aosztp.log file.

Additional useful messages can be found in /var/log/syslog (search for 'ztp')