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Show Tech: Apstra Controller and On-box Agents (GUI)

You can collect show tech files for the Apstra controller and connected device agents (on-box and offbox) from the Apstra web GUI.
if you haven't configured local credentials for the Apstra controller, from the left navigation menu, navigate to Platform > Apstra Cluster and edit the controller to configure credentials. These are the credentials you use for the VM console or SSH.
  1. From the left navigation menu, navigate to Platform > Technical Support and click Collect Show Tech to see the dialog for selecting and collecting show tech files.
  2. To collect show tech from the controller, leave Apstra Controller selected.

    For Apstra server controllers with large databases, the operation may timeout. If this happens, you must collect show tech using the CLI. For more information, see Show Tech: Apstra Server (CLI).

  3. Check the box for Managed Devices to see the list of connected managed devices (devices with installed agents that have been acknowledged).
  4. Select up to twenty (20) devices for show tech collection.

    The configured device system agent username and password authentication is used to collect device show tech. If you have configured the device to use another authentication (AAA) method with a different username and password (such as RADIUS and TACACS) you cannot collect show tech from the GUI. You must collect show tech with CLI. For more information, see Show Tech: On-box Agents (CLI).

  5. Click Collect to start the collection process.

    If the image below appears, you still need to configure local credentials on the node. Click the link to go to the controller node screen, click the Edit button (right side), then enter the username and password you use for the VM console or SSH.

  6. After the jobs are complete and marked SUCCESS, click the download button for each of the files (under Logs).
    Tip: When the show tech files have been downloaded, you can free up disk space by deleting jobs.
  7. From a computer with the ability to upload, upload the show tech files to your customer case.