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Override Cabling (JSON)

  1. From the blueporint, navigate to Staged > Physical > Links and click the Export cabling map button to see the dialog for exporting a cabling map.
  2. Select JSON and click Save As File to download the file.
  3. Change interface names (if_name) and/or IP addresses (ipv4_addr or ipv6_addr) in the file, as applicable. Do not change any other fields. If you do, the changes will be ignored or they will result in an error message.
  4. From the cabling map (Staged > Physical > Links) click the Import cabling map button to see the dialog for importing a cabling map.
  5. Either click Choose File and navigate to the revised file on your computer, or drag and drop the file onto the dialog window.
  6. Click Import.
  7. Click Uncommitted to see the diffs between Staged and Active.
  8. Click the Commit button to save the changes to the Active Blueprint, or click the Revert button to discard changes and return to the previous cabling map.