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Add Device

Before working with devices, have a good understanding of the Device configuration lifecycle.

If you're adding a device to replace a decommissioned faulty one (for RMA) and you plan to use the same management IP address, make sure that you decommission the original device before you assign the new device. Apstra software expects each device to have a unique management IP address.

  1. Install device agent(s). You can navigate to Devices > Managed Devices to see that they are in the out-of-service quarantined state.
  2. Acknowledge device(s). The state changes to out-of-service ready, and they are now managed by the Apstra software.
  3. After creating the blueprint, assign interface map(s) (device profiles) to leafs and spines.
  4. Assign device system ID(s) to the devices and confirm that deploy mode(s) are set to Deploy. This puts them in the in-service ready state.
  5. Commit the device assignment(s) to the blueprint to put them in the active state.