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Configure Static Management IP Address (Apstra Server)

If you're not using DHCP, you can use the configuration tool to enter a static management IP address, or you can configure it as follows:

  1. SSH into the Apstra server as user admin. (ssh admin@<apstra-server-ip> where <apstra-server-ip> is the IP address of the Astra server.)
  2. Edit the /etc/netplan/01-netcfg.yaml file (per standard Ubuntu 18.04 practice) to configure the static management IP address. See example below. (For more information about using netplan, see
  3. Apply the change with one of the following methods:
    • Method 1 - Reboot the Apstra server with the command sudo reboot.
    • Method 2 - Run the command sudo netplan apply, then SSH to the new IP address and run the command sudo service aos restart.
  4. If you already have on-box agents, you must reconfigure each device agent (/mnt/flash/aos-config, /etc/aos/aos.conf) to point to the new Apstra server IP address.