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Create On-box Agent

To create on-box agents, you must have full admin / root privileges. We recommend creating a dedicated user on the device using Apstra ZTP or other means. Make sure that:

  • Devices have login credentials.
  • The management network has IP connectivity between the Apstra server and devices.
  • Required packages have been uploaded.

Before creating/installing on-box device agents on Cisco NX-OS and Arista EOS, configure the following minimum configuration on them as shown below. (Cumulus Linux and SONiC Enterprise have no specific configuration requirements other than Management Network and privileged user access.)

Cisco NX-OS On-box Agent Minimum Configuration

Arista EOS On-box Agent Minimum Configuration

  1. Confirm that you've installed the minimum configuration as described above, and that the device doesn't contain configuration that would raise validation errors. (For details, see Agent overview.)
  2. From the left navigation menu, navigate to Devices > System Agents > Agents and click Create Onbox Agent(s).
  3. Specify agent details as described in the Device Agent Overview section above.
  4. Click Create. While the task is active you can view its progress at the bottom of the screen in the Active Jobs section. The job status changes from Initialized to In Progress to Succeeded.