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External Routes Probe


The External Routes probe automatically activates the collection of received or advertised routes across all BGP sessions established with generic systems into a single stage output table (mixing received, used and advertised routes). This probe assists with troubleshooting external network connectivity problems.


The External Routes probe parameters below can be configured at time of creation or anytime afterwards.

AFI: Address Family Identifiers - IPv4 or IPv6

Type: advertised-routes or received-routes

Routing Zone (VRF): All or specific name

Prefix: Only routes matching the prefix

Filter options: exact or longer

More-specific prefixes mask: Match more-specific prefixes from a parent prefix, up until le_mask prefix length.

Less-specific prefixes mask: Match less-specific prefixes from a parent prefix, up from ge_mask to the prefix length of the route.

For more information about this probe, from the blueprint, navigate to Analytics > Probes, click Create Probe, then select Instantiate Predefined Probe from the drop-down list. Select the probe from the Predefined Probe drop-down list to see details specific to the probe.