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EVPN VXLAN Type-3 Route Validation Probe

The EVPN VXLAN Type-3 route validation probe validates EVPN Type-3 routes on every leaf in the network. It collects appropriate telemetry data, compares it to the set of Type-3 routes expected to be present and alerts if expected routes are missing on any device.

You can configure the following parameters:

  • Probe Label: Name to identify the probe.
  • Anomaly Time Window : Average period duration for interface counters.
  • Anomaly Threshold (in %): If routes are missing for more than or equal to percentage of Anomaly Time Window, an anomaly is raised. If Anomaly Time Window ATW, and Anomaly Threshold is AT. It calculates Z = (ATW * AT)/100 in seconds. E.g. If ATW = 20 seconds, AT = 5%, then Z = (20 * 5)/100 = 1 second. When the route is in Missing state for Z seconds from total ATW duration, anomaly is raised.
  • Collection period: All these probes are polling-based so they have a polling period.
  • Monitored VNs: Specify the virtual networks to be monitored. Either list of desired VN's e.g. "1-3,6,8,10-13" or " * " to monitor all virtual networks.

The route labels include the following:

  • Expected: This route is expected on the device as per service defined.
  • Missing: This route is missing on the device when compared to the expected route set.
  • Unexpected: There are no expectations rendered (by AOS) for this route.

This probe is created with an empty Monitored VNs (monitored_vn) list, which means that the probe does not monitor any virtual networks by default. When you instantiate this probe you must specify a list of virtual networks (up to ten) for which routes are collected, or you can specify " * " in which case all virtual networks are monitored.


Specifying " * " in the Monitored VNs field may result in high cpu/memory/network I/O overhead associated with BGP routing table iteration on the device side.


Auto-enabling the EVPN VXLAN Route Summary analytics dashboard enables the EVPN VXLAN Type-3 Route Validation and EVPN Flood List Validation probes automatically (but not the EVPN VXLAN Type-5 Route Validation probe). See Configuring Auto-Enabled Dashboards<configure_dashboard> for information about enabling the dashboard.

For more information about this probe, from the blueprint, navigate to Analytics > Probes, click Create Probe, then select Instantiate Predefined Probe from the drop-down list. Select the probe from the Predefined Probe drop-down list to see details specific to the probe.