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Connectivity Templates

Connectivity templates (introduced in Apstra version 4.0.0) enable you to apply various network configurations to devices connected to generic systems, as a Day 2 operation. Devices could be leafs, spines, or in 5-stage Clos topologies, superspines. Some use cases for connectivity templates include the following:

  • Assigning Apstra virtual network endpoints (tagging and untagging VLAN ports) to connect Layer 2 servers.
  • Creating Layer 3 interfaces and VLAN-tagged sub-interfaces with BGP routing between Apstra fabric border-leafs and external routers.

As of Apstra version 4.0.0, external router connections to the default routing zone are no longer required. You can use connectivity templates to configure the required external routing connections to routing zones. You can see static routes and protocol sessions by navigating to Staged > Virtual in the blueprint.

Connectivity templates consist of combinations of primitives as described in this section.