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Agent Profiles (Devices)

Agent profiles enable the logical link between device credentials, a key-value store to be used in the device configuration, and a selection of user uploaded packages. With agent profiles, you can configure parameters for a certain class of devices that exist in the network and edit their device agent settings as a group. Agent profiles include the following details:

Table 1: Agent Profile Parameters
Name Description
Name To identify the device agent profile
Platform OS family (EOS, Junos, NX-OS)
Username / Password Admin/root username and password on the device
Open Options (off-box only) Passes configured parameters to off-box agents. For example, to use HTTPS as the API connection from off-box agents to devices, use the key-value pair: proto-https - port-443. The following default values can be overridden with open options:
  • commit_timeout - 60 (integer: seconds)
  • telemetry_timeout - 100 (integer: seconds)
  • probe_timeout: 5 (integer: seconds)
  • log_config_diff - True (boolean)
Packages Admin-provided software packages stored on the Apstra server that can be applied to each device agent that is created using the profile.

From the left navigation menu, navigate to Devices > System Agents > Agent Profiles to go to the agent profile list view. You can create, clone, edit, and delete agent profiles.