Device and NOS Support

Supported devices and recommended Device Network Operating System (NOS) versions are listed below for different AOS versions.

Juniper Junos

Supported Juniper Devices

QFX10002, QFX5210, QFX5200, QFX5120, QFX5110, and QFX5100 Series


Juniper 5100 models should not be used as border leaf devices due to the lack of RIOT support (Trident2 ASIC).

Arista EOS

Supported Arista Devices

DCS-7000 Series

Cisco NX-OS

Supported Cisco Devices

Nexus 3000 or 9000 Platform

Cumulus Linux

Supported Cumulus Devices

Cumulus Linux Supported Platforms with x86 CPU Processor

Enterprise SONiC

Supported Enterprise SONiC Devices

The table below lists the only devices that are supported by both SONiC Enterprise 3.1.0a/3.1.1 and Apstra AOS version 3.3.0a/3.3.0c.

Enterprise SONiC Supported Devices on AOS Version 3.3.0a/3.3.0c
Manufacturer Model
Dell Z9332F-ON
Dell Z9264F-ON
Dell Z9100-ON
Dell S5296F-ON
Dell S5248F-ON
Dell S5232F-ON
Edgecore/Accton AS7816-64X
Edgecore/Accton AS7726-32X
Edgecore/Accton AS7712-32X
Edgecore/Accton AS7326-56X
Edgecore/Accton AS5712-54X

Requesting NOS Support

Support for additional Network Device Network Operating Systems (NOS) versions may be available. Contact Apstra Global Support for more information about supported devices and NOS.

To request support for NOS not listed, please contact your Apstra Sales representative.