dashboard_icon Dashboard

Blueprint Dashboard Overview

The blueprint dashboard shows the overall health and status of a committed blueprint. Statuses are indicated by color: green for succeeded, yellow for pending, and red for failed. The deployment status section includes deployment statuses for service config, discovery config, and (as of AOS version 3.3.0) drain config. The anomalies section includes statuses for all probes, IP fabric, external routing, L2 connectivity, liveness, deployment status, and route verification. The nodes status section includes statuses for deployment, BGP, cabling, config, interface, liveness, route, and hostname.

From the web interface, click Blueprints (in left menu), then click the name of a blueprint to go to its dashboard.

_images/blueprint_summary_330.png _images/dashboard_blueprint_330.png

Deleting Blueprint

AOS administrators can delete blueprints.

  1. From the blueprint, navigate to Dashboard, then click Delete Blueprint (top-right).

  2. Enter the blueprint name, then click Delete to delete the blueprint and go to the blueprint summary view.