Apstra provides a command line interface tool (AOS-CLI), which augments functionality provided by the Apstra web interface.


AOS-CLI is considered experimental and use of it must be under strict supervision of Technical Support. Do not use AOS-CLI in production networks.

Installing AOS-CLI

AOS-CLI is distributed as a Docker container. The AOS-CLI Docker container can be used on any system running a compatible version of Docker. The steps below show how to install and run the AOS-CLI Docker container on an Apstra server.

  1. Make sure you have Docker 17.12.0-ce installed on the Apstra server VM.

  2. Download the AOS-CLI Docker Container image from Juniper Support Knowledge Base KB36747.

  3. Copy the AOS-CLI Docker container tar.gz file to the Apstra server.

  4. Load the provided Docker image with the docker image load command. For example:

      admin@aos-server:-$ ls -l
      total 128680
      -rw------- 1 admin admin 131766653 Mar 26 23:14 aoscli-0.1.617.tar.gz
      admin@aos-server:-$ docker image load -i aoscli-0.1.617.tar.gz
      beee9f30bc1f: Loading layer [=====================================>]  5.862MB/5.862MB
      3fc750b41be7: Loading layer [=====================================>]  821.8kB/821.8kB
      20a7b70bdf2f: Loading layer [=====================================>]  59.53MB/59.53MB
      879c9d8666e3: Loading layer [=====================================>]  6.749MB/6.749MB
      11d9535bbed0: Loading layer [=====================================>]  3.097MB/3.097MB
      79608068b59b: Loading layer [=====================================>]  410.7MB/410.7MB
      Loaded image: aoscli:0.1.617

Accessing AOS-CLI

  1. Start the AOS-CLI Docker container with the docker run command. For example:

    admin@aos-server:-$ docker run --rm -ti -v $HOME:/mytmp aoscli:0.1.617 -s
    Password [admin]:
                                NOTE: This is a Limited Availability tool
                        Use it ONLY under the strict supervision of Apstra personnel
    Welcome to AOS CLI! Press TAB for suggestions
    AOS CLI version: 0.1.617
    AOS Server URL:, Version

    Replace “aoscli:0.1.617” with the AOS-CLI “Loaded image” version and replace “” with the IP address of the Apstra server.

  2. AOS-CLI comes with a built-in feature that auto-completes commands. Use the TAB key to learn about this tool and its functionality.