From the blueprint, navigate to Active / Physical / Racks to see details about the racks in the active blueprint. You can search for specific nodes or links and select a layer to see anomalies, deploy modes, deployment status. traffic heat and more. Click a rack type to see a preview.

Changing Rack Name

You may want to use your own rack naming schema (for example, your rack names could be based on their physical locations). In these cases you can modify the existing rack names (as of AOS version 3.3.0).

  1. From the blueprint, navigate to Active / Physical / Racks.
  2. Choose the rack that needs a name change.
  3. In Rack Properties (right panel) click the Edit button for the rack name.
  4. Change the name and click the Save button to stage the change.

Rack names can also be changed from the staged view of the blueprint.