Adding Access Layer Switches

As of AOS version 3.3.0, Apstra includes the possibility to create and manage access switches in data center networks.

You can follow our existing guidelines for most of the stages, there are some more options and design considerations to take into account as described in the following points.


This feature has been classified as a Juniper Apstra Technology Preview feature. These features are “as is” and voluntary use. Juniper Support will attempt to resolve any issues that customers experience when using these features and create bug reports on behalf of support cases. However, Juniper may not provide comprehensive support services to Tech Preview features.

For additional information, please refer to the Juniper Apstra Technology Previews page or contact Juniper Support.


Logical Devices

A new role has been introduced for ports facing access switches, access Role.


Configure this role on leaf switches facing an access switch, and configure leaf and server ports in the access switch logical device.

To learn about how to create logical devices please refer to our logical device documentation logical devices.

Rack Types

Once the logical devices with the required access ports have been created and the interface map is defined, you can create a new rack and add the access switches.


To configure the access switch links, click Add link as shown in the above picture. Access switches can be single-homed only.

Name the link connection and select LAG Mode or No LAG and specify the number of links.


To learn more about Rack Types please refer to our rack types documentation rack types.


To create a template with access switches please follow our templates documentation templates.


Access switches configlet is not supported as of AOS version 3.3.0. Please contact our support or sales team if you require configlets in access switches.


Blueprints are mostly built in the same way as in a regular data center network with no access switches. You can follow our documentation blueprint creation.

As of AOS version 3.3.0 the following operations can be performed in the access switches.

To learn more about AOS operations please visit our documentation Staged.