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Open Issues

Learn about the open issues in APM 3.2.0

  • When you secure the APMi for the first time, the APMi connections to the connected entities bounce twice: once when The TLS keys are added during setup/rollout phase, and a second time when the TLS keys are added to APM configuration (entity-clients configuration). Once secured, subsequent changes to the contents of the key files (no changes to the key or certificate file names), the APMi only bounces once on setup/rollout phase.

  • APM does not accurately rename a partition which has a prefix.

    The workaround is to avoid renaming partitions with prefixes, or to restart apm-mgmt daemon and restart addr-man.

  • If the node hosting Redis primary pod shuts down, it can cause APM microservices such as addr-man, ent-man, or prov-man to become unresponsive. Workaround is to restart mgmt pod or restart apm-mgmt daemon from inside the mgmt pod/CLI by issuing:

    • Or

  • The apm logs command fails when multiple services are provided as arguments.

    The workaround is to enter the apm logs command without listing the specific services (default is all) or use the Broadband Edge Event Collection and Visualization application to view or sort logs.