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Enable Webhooks and Alerts by Using the Juniper Mist Portal

Here's how to set up webhooks in the Juniper Mist™ portal.


You can enable webhooks by using either the API or the Juniper Mist portal. Also see Enable Webhooks and Alerts by Using the API.

You'll go through this procedure three times to set up three webhooks:

  • Alarms

  • Device Events

  • Device Up/Downs

  1. From the left menu of the Juniper Mist portal, select Organization > Settings.
  2. In the Webhooks section, click Add Webhook.
    Webhooks section of Organization Settings page
  3. Keep the default settings for Status (Enabled) and Webhook Type (HTTP POST).
    Status and Webhook Type fields at the top of the Add Webhook window
  4. Refer to the information below to enter the Name, URL, and Topic.

    Refer to the Alarms Webhook column the first time that you go through this procedure. Refer to the other columns when you repeat the procedure for the other two webhooks.

    Table 1: Webhook Setup Details
      Alarms Webhook Events Webhook Up/Downs Webhook
    Name AFR-Alarms AFR-Events AFR-Updowns
    URL https://<AFR-FQDN/PublicIP>:<PublicPort>/webhook/mist/v1/alarms/ https://<AFR-FQDN/PublicIP>:<PublicPort>/webhook/mist/v1/device-events/ https://<AFR-FQDN/PublicIP>:<PublicPort>/webhook/mist/v1/device-updowns/
    Topics Alerts Device Events Device Up/Downs

    The Device Up/Downs webhooks topic is a subset of device events that include only disconnected, reconnected, and restarted events. This currently supports APs, switches, and gateways (WAN Edges). If you use the Device Events topic, you will receive duplicates of these events.

    It's not necessary to configure both AFR-events and AFR-updowns. You only need to configure one.

  5. Click Advanced Settings, and then select the appropriate option:
    • If you have a CA certificate, click Yes.

    • If you do not have a CA certificate, click No.

  6. Click Add.
  7. Repeat this procedure until you've added all three webhooks.