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Problem: Orchestrator and Paragon Active Assurance Out of Sync

The orchestrator and Paragon Active Assurance can end up out of sync for example if configuration changes have been made in the Control Center GUI, or if applying a configuration was not successful and rolling back to the previous state failed.

In case of a failed rollback, the NETCONF server will no longer accept configuration changes; it will reply with an error message stating that configuration is locked until back in sync. To get back in sync and unlock configuration changes, you need to run the command

which synchronizes all configuration from Control Center to the configuration database.


The user (or whatever has been configured) must have superuser privileges for everything to be synced successfully. This can be achieved with the command

If the user is not a superuser, a warning will appear saying that not everything could be synced, but that all that could be handled has been.


If your orchestrator also stores the configuration, you will need to re-synchronize that as well since the requested configuration (the configuration which the orchestrator expects Control Center to have) will not have been applied.

Problem: Initial Sync (sync-from-ncc) Failed Due to Unsupported Resources

If you try to run rpc sync-from-ncc on an account that has its configuration created in the Control Center GUI, you might run into problems if the account contains unsupported resources. It is recommended that you start with an empty account and do all configuration of it through NETCONF. Otherwise, if you encounter issues with resource conflicts, you will have to remove the conflicting resources from the account.

Problem: NETCONF commands fail with ncclient.operations.rpc.RPCError: application communication failure

The NETCONF server does not restore connectivity to the Control Center server automatically if Control Center is restarted. To restore the connection to Control Center, restart the NETCONF process: